2014 - 2015
Verisign Incentive was only in Buenos Aires for a group of 250 pax. It included various activities in different venues and a final event at Círculo Militar venue with acreditation, welcome cocktail, saxofonist performance & tango show with orquesta and more...
Cisco Systems
Cisco Systems Incentive has experienced Buenos Aires city and the magnificent Iguazu Falls combined with a rugby match, Pumas vs. All Blacks, a real cultural mix, indian food, tango and hip hop fusion.
Pepper Money Annual Conference
Pepper Money, renown global credit provider company, planned its Executive Chiefs' annual meeting in Buenos Aires. For 6 days, the group enjoy the highlights of the city: Colon Theatre, Casa Minima, a vintage car ride to take them back to Old Buenos Aires in 1920\' and the highlight of the Pampas: polo lessons at La Aguada.
A especially plan CSR activity in Virreyes Rugby Club, was the main event that was transformed beyond our expectation to reinforce Pepper Money's mission: help people succeed. Read more in our blog.
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