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Puerto Madryn was first founded as a Welsh colony at the end of the 19th Century. It is nowadays a modern city with 73.000 inhabitants, situated on the shores of the balmy "Golfo Nuevo".
The cruise ship industry of Puerto Madryn is developed in two piers: Almirante Storni & Comandante Luis Piedra Buena.
Puerto Madryn is a small city in the middle of the Patagonia Argentina and availability of vehicles, guides and venues might be limited at some times.

Luis Piedra Buena Pier: This is the main pier used for cruise ship operations in Puerto Madryn. It is a small and basic pier but with all the necessary requirements to operate shore excursions for ships up to 1800 guests. It is located downtown. The viaduct that communicates the pier with its entrance is around 300 mts. long. It is possible to walk on the viaduct, but shuttle bus service is provided by the port authorities between the ship and the entrance of the pier (downtown).

Almirante Storni Pier:
Also called Pier of Aluar. This pier is mainly used for aluminum trade but it is used for larger cruise ships. Since it is located in the outskirts of the city of Puerto Madryn, around 20 minutes drive, and there are no taxis available inside the pier, it is suggested to provide shuttle buses between the ships to the city center. The pier does not provide this service.

City Information

Towards the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Puerto Madryn offers great southern right whale watching, and sea elephant and sea lion colonies. Between June and December, mothers and calves swim near Peninsula Valdes. Known as the Nation's Diving Capital, Puerto Madryn is a dream spot for a baptism or first underwater experience in Patagonia. Waters are cold, but "intelligent" fabric suits help to lower the impact. On the seabed, there are plenty of salmons, halibuts, sea urchins, seaweed, caves and reefs. September to April is the right season to watch the Magellan penguin, especially in Punta Tombo.

73.612 inhabitants
The average annual temperature in Puerto Madryn is 14C (57 F). From December to March (summertime) temperatures keep between 20 and 35 C.

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