Incentive Travel: Creating bridges to a better future

Pepper Money, renown global credit provider company, planned its annual meeting with the presence of their Executive Chiefs at a conference in Buenos Aires, in 2017. As a DMC, specialized in Incentives, Conferences and Events, Furlong Incoming had the pleasure to organize activities during the five days the company stayed in the city.

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity was prepared with the special participation of Pepper Money's executives in a rugby training with underprivileged children, in Virreyes Rugby Club. The Argentinian club receives more than 500 children from San Fernando region (North Zone of Greater Buenos Aires) to play rugby, and also offers an educational, teaching and emotional support to help integrate the kids into society. The Australian company donated rugby boots as well, balls, and a symbolic check for club maintenance.


Kevin Díaz, a Virreyes Rugby Club player, woke up early in the morning on Thursday to go training with his team, as he usually does. The only difference from his normal routine was that that day he was going to share the rugby court with “Australians” and a former Puma player (Argentina's Rugby team) was going to be directing the training. With no clue that it was going to become one of the most important days of his life, Kevin enjoyed the activity at his club, met Cristian Viel Temperley, former player of Argentine National Rugby Team (Los Pumas) and Newman Club.

In a relaxed and festive atmosphere, Kevin collaborated with the third-time activity: children and adults, Australian and Argentinians enjoyed pizzas, choripanes and soft drinks.
In that instance, respectful, but without fear, he approached the organizer of the activity, Mariana Juri, our Senior MICE Account Executive to confess a secret dream: study English abroad. Kevin asked her if he could share his story to those present as a great occasion to practice his language skill, Mariana did not hesitate it.
Without knowing what exactly was going to happen, Kevin ignored his nervousness, gathered courage, greeted everyone and in a few words expressed his dream. He did not imagine how close he was to fulfilling it!
Minutes later, the Pepper Monney's CEO announced that they were going to grant Kevin a trip to Sydney (Australia) to study English for two months and offer a non rented internship in their company. In an atmosphere full of emotions, between smiles, tears, joy, and absolute happiness, Kevin's life changed and Pepper Money's mission became true one more time: to help people succeed.

Kevin feels deeply grateful towards Pepper Money, Furlong Incoming, and to having had the bravery to share his dream in the right place and at the right time. A story that touched and changed everyone involved: the people from Virreyes Rugby Club , always aiming to provide their children a better future, the executives that shared a meaningful experience as and of course, us, Furlong Incoming that as a DMC also has a mission, that is to create boundless experiences, and certainly, we did this time: as Kevin's dream became true with the help of our friends from Pepper Money, his future will continue to change and take him to further horizons that he has ever imagine.

On April 1st, after turning 18 years old, Kevin finally travelled to Sydney. True to their promise, Pepper Money covered all costs of airfares, as well as accommodation during the two months of his staying, the English course at Australian Catholic University (ACU), and personal expenses. Furthermore, the Australian company assisted with the visa application process for Kevin and will look in to assist him with career prospects, once he is back in Argentina. It is an honour to say that Kevin is already signed in the Common Basic Cycle (CBC) of Buenos Aires University (UBA) to begin his university career at the end of July.

Kevin's story is one of those experiences that reach right into the heart. How can a business trip change a person's life that much? Solidarity generates this type of social impact, often unpredictable, but certainly an unforgettable event that will remain in everyone's memory.


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