Zuccardi: The World's Best Vineyards 2019
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The Argentine winery Zuccardi Valle de Uco, in Mendoza, was awarded in London as the Best Winery and Vineyard in South America and the World by the Academy of The World's Best Vineyards, formed by 500 international references in wines, sommeliers and travel correspondents deluxe.

The World's Best Vineyards evaluates more than 1,500 wineries around the world and select the ones they consider the best to elaborate the official ranking list of the top 50 wineries.

Wine tourism is a very extended segment of the travel industry, this awards acknowledges the importance of the wine experience as whole, that why in addition to the wines, the participating jurors evaluate gastronomy, atmosphere, staff, landscape, price, reputation and accessibility of each winery.

Other Argentinian wineries that make up the list are Catena Zapata, in fifth place and also another South American wineries has won a place at the top 50: Garzón, from Uruguay in the second place and Montes y Clos Apalta, both from Chile, the sixth place.

Why Zuccardi has become #1?
The winery that opened its doors in 1963 and goes on its third-generation of winemakers, has many reasons to be at the pole position.

To begin, its unique location is an advantage by itself. Standing at 1,100m above sea level in the stunning Valle de Uco, south of Mendoza province, the winery lies at the foothills of the Andes. This area has the highest altitude of the region, which means the grapes are in more direct contact with the sun, resulting in an expressive and singular flavor profile.

The restaurant, Piedra Infinita, offers a local, four-course menu that delicately highlights the flavors in your wine glass. The exquisite views of the mountains and surrounding landscape doesn't distract from admiring its architecture itself that is stunning.
According to José Alberto Zuccardi, the second generation, the goal of Zuccardi Winery is "to give consumers a total experience of what Valle de Uco is, both through our wines and the ingredients we use in our restaurant, and even the land." Zuccardi Winery is must to any wine lover or enthusiast, start planning your trip and begin to enjoy the world best wine experience.


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