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Chaltén, a small village in southern Argentina, is a paradise for true trekking lovers. Located in the northern area of the Glaciers National Park, it was declared “National Capital of Trekking”. This makes it a mandatory destination for those who are looking for adventure, nature, and lot of hiking.
It is a small town, located in Santa Cruz province, and it is surrounded by mountains. It is also the entrance to numerous trails within the Glaciers National Park, which was declared World Heritage Site, in 1981.

Would you like to know which ones are the top 3 trekkings you cannot miss in Chaltén?

LAGOON OF THE THREE: If we must choose the top 1, it is definitely “Lagoon of the Three”, which allows you to reach one of the most outstanding landscapes in Argentina. Where? Mount Fitz Roy base that has a 3.405-meter-high above sea level, and it is bordered by Fitz Roy River Valley to the south and by the Electric River to the north. It is a high difficult trekking with an estimated 9-hour duration (roundtrip), but the view is rewarding. During the hike you will see a forest full of lenga trees, rivers, lagoons, lots of nature to reach the final part of the trail. You will need to go through a major hill, this is the hardest part of the way. It may seem endless, but you can do it! You are almost there, facing the majestic figure of the Fitz Roy, a mountain that is visited by many international tourists, locals, and climbers. Reaching its peak and getting to admire such beauty, is priceless. You will enjoy the view of the Lagoon of the Three with an unforgettable turquoise color. This is surrounded by 3 mountains: Fitz Roy, Pincenot, and Torre. In addition, you can observe the beauty of the Three glacier. By an instant, you will feel tiny in front of such immensity.

CAPRI LAGOON: This trekking has a medium difficulty. It is a hike of around 4-hour duration (roundtrip), which allows you to reach one of the most beautiful landscapes of Chaltén: Capri Lagoon. The circuit begins in the north end of Chaltén, as you go up hill you will find a viewpoint with a panoramic view of the town, the Las Vueltas River Valley, and its mountains. You will enter a native forest with ñires trees, lengas, birds, and other species. During the hike, you will also be able to observe the mountains with snowy peaks and streams until you reach the goal: Capri Lagoon. You will be stunned by looking at the combination of the landscape: mountains all around with Capri Lagoon, of crystalline waters, in the middle and its blue color. You will be able to approach the shore and stop and admire all this nature. It is an ideal place to do a picnic and rest before heading back. Do not be surprised if you see parents with their babies on their back doing trekking on the trails, it\'s very common and there is no age limit!

TORRE LAGOON: A trekking of medium difficulty as well, and with a duration of around 8 hours (roundtrip). The trail will take you to the base of the incredible Mount Torre, its glacier and lagoon, which have the same name. Enjoy a hike around nature, trees, flowers, plants, rivers and mountains. You will find a viewpoint to appreciate a panoramic view of the mountains Solo, Torre, Fitz Roy and Adela cord. Ideal for taking pictures!. After crossing the ñires and lengas forest, be aware of native birds of the area. In the final trail, you will see the imposing Mount Torre. Stop to observe how the ice floes in the lagoon water, product of the detachment of the Torre glacier, a unique spectacle of nature. Mount Torre is impressive, has a 3133 meters-high above sea level. Its silhouette is easy recognized by climbers worldwide. Take an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life!

El Chaltén offers trekkings for everyone: beginners, intermediates, advanced, and professionals. There are low difficulty trails, ideal to do them alone, as a couple, or even in family.

If you are looking for a short hike, we recommend “Chorrillo del Salto”, a 2 hour walk that ends in a 20-meter-high waterfall. You can do it walking, by car, or by bicycle. Another alternative is to visit the “Condor & Eagles Viewpoint”, a hiking of around 2 hours long until you reach the two viewpoints, which as its name indicates, are a strategic point to observe the condors and eagles fly. In addition, you can also watch a panoramic view of the Chaltén town, the imposing Mount Fitz Roy and Mount Torre. Both viewpoints are ideal for taking pictures and appreciating the landscapes. Chaltén is a heaven make true for nature lovers, adventures, and trekking fans. Undoubtedly, a town in Patagonia that is worth exploring.

Did you know…
Chaltén has a population of less than 2.000 inhabitants.
The closest Airport is in Calafate, 210 kilometers away (2 hours).
This town in southern Argentina is very windy, be prepared! Appropriate trekking clothing is essential before travelling here.
Chaltén was selected as “one of the best cities in the world to visit” by the prestigious travel guide Lonely Planet, in 2015.
The ideal months to visit this place in Argentina are from October to March. During the summer months (January and February) the days are longer, and the weather conditions are optimal.


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