The 6 most fascinating marine animals to meet in Peninsula Valdés
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Do you know where the Peninsula Valdés is located? Is in southern Argentina, in Chubut province, in a region that is called “Patagonia”. It was declared World Heritage Centre by UNESCO, in 1999. There are many reasons to visit this destination, but it\'s fauna is the main one.

The Franca Austral whale (Eubalaena Australis) inhabits in the southern hemisphere and is Puerto Madryn's main star, a city in Chubut province. Its head is covered with keratine calluses, which are originate in the skin. These whales weight around 40 thousand kilograms and are 14 meters long.
Where to find the Franca Austral Whale? In Puerto Pirámides, a small town located 94 km from Puerto Madryn or in El Doradillo, 15 km from Madryn. Another alternative is to watch them from a submarine, an amazing experience!
When is better to do a whale watching? The seasons goes from June to December, but the high season is from June to October. Keep this information in mind!

The Dark Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) is black and gray colored with a short beak and weights around 100 kilograms. Also, there is the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) with gray color and lighter belly. It is robust with a long beak and weights around 300 kilos. Lastly, is the Common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis) a fast swimmer with dark colored beak and lighter fluke. This dolphin weights about 150 kilograms.
Where to find the dolphins? In the New Gulf. In the expedition you will find a pod of dolphins that will surprise you with their acrobatics and jumps. What is the best time to do a dolphin watching? The high season goes from December to March, but they can be seen throughout the year.

The South Elephant Seal (Mirounga Leonina) can weight up to 4 tons. They live part of their lives in the water, but they rest, reproduce and change their fur on land, in breeding colonies. This is a time of extremely aggressive competence to become the “Alpha Male” of the harem. The Patagonian Sea Lions (Otaria flavescens) weight only around 350 kilograms. The males are the firsts to occupy the breeding colonies and the females come after. In their case, the fights to dominate the harem are performed through postures and roars.
Where to find them? At Punta Loma, Punta Pirámide, Punta Norte, Caleta Valdés, Punta Delgada. We recommend the Punta Loma reserve, located 17 kilometers from Puerto Madryn, which includes a panoramic viewpoint to observe the sea lions. It is indeed one of the great highlights of the Valdés Peninsula. You can also dive or snorkel with them, can you imagine swimming right next to a group of sea lions?
When is the best time to see them? They can be seen during the all year.
Orcas (Orcinus orca) can reach a weigh of 10 tons. Their color is black and white, and they usually have a white spot behind their eyes. Where to find orcas whales? The hunting season is one of the most outstanding nature moments. You can see them in Punta Norte, 170 km from Puerto Madryn, where the elephant seals and sea lions' colonies remain. The orcas whales perform an “intentional stranding” and take advantage of the waves to get closer to the coast and hunt the smaller sea lions. You will not see it in a National Geographic documentary, but with your own eyes!
When is the best time to do an orcas whales watching? The season goes from October to April.

The Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus Magellanicus) are birds with short wings, fast swimmers and weight about 5 kilograms. They change their fur once a year and remain on land without eating. The penguin colonies come from southern Brazil to reproduce during spring and summer in Argentina.
Where to find the penguins? Punta Tombo, 170 km from Madryn, is the largest penguin reserve. You can also find them in the north of Valdés Peninsula, at San Lorenzo Ranch, 158 km from Madryn. When is the best time to see penguins? The season runs from September to April.

They are a variety of dolphin and have their head, tail, and fins black colored while the rest of their body is white. Generally, they can weight up to 40 kilograms.
Where to find Commerson's dolphin? In Rawson Port at Unión beach, 92 kilometers from Puerto Madryn. Here you will enjoy a view of the Argentine sea with these dolphins jumping very close to the boat.
When is the best time to do Commerson's watching? During the entire year!

The Peninsula Valdés is a privileged place in southern Argentina to make an adventure trip combined with nature at its maximum splendor. What are you waiting to take your clients to Puerto Madryn?


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