The 3 reasons to visit Buenos Aires!
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It is one of those cities that reaches a tourist's heart and they fall in love. It vibrates passion, art, and music. There are many reasons to visit Buenos Aires, but today we want to share just 3. Would you like to know which ones they are?

1 - Find an open-air art gallery: many cities have their own urban art areas: Miami, Berlin, New York, are some of them. But, Buenos Aires does not stay out of this cultural movement! It is ideal for those who are looking for an alternative to get to know the city. Buenos Aires offers its “B side”, where artists intervene with their graffiti and political art, the streets of the city's neighborhoods such as Palermo, Colegiales, La Boca. An opportunity to discover the history of each mural, painting and color. Our recommendation: the graffiti located in the Russel Passage (Palermo). If we talk about closed doors art, the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (MALBA) presents international collections, Latin American and Argentinean contemporary art exhibitions, that are worth visiting. Another highlight is the Contemporary Art Museum of Buenos Aires (MACBA), which exhibits avant-garde art and calls the spectator's attention in every exposition. These are two cultural visits that you cannot miss during your staying in Buenos Aires!

2 - Get to know their passion for Tango: a very sensual music style, which was born in the 19th Century. Tango is a couple dance, where each dancer has its own steps. Who takes all the looks and stars? Their legs movements! Live Tango in the hands of the best. You can do it in one of the many shows that the city has to offer, as “La Ventana” in San Telmo neighborhood. Do not miss living this unique experience! Get to know all the history, movements and different styles, and enjoy a live orchestra. You can also visit a traditional “milonga”, as “La Viruta” in Palermo, a place to learn Tango with locals. Are you ready to dance?

3 - Enjoy the unique flavors of Buenos Aires cuisine: the city offers countless culinary options for everyone, but their national DNA is in the meat and “asados”, an almost religious tradition for Argentineans. In the “asado” (barbeques) different cow meat cuts are cooked over a low fire. If you are in Buenos Aires, you must go to a typical “parrilla”, a specialized restaurant in meat and “asado”, and try as many cuts as you can. Our suggestion: “La Cabrera”, in Palermo, internationally recognized by its quality. For those who love sweets there are also culinary options: the “dulce de leche”, ice-cream, and “alfajores”, all of them are a one-way ticket to heaven.

Buenos Aires is an exciting city, never rests, and permanently maintains that movement alive that distinguished it. With an ideal climate and temperature in all seasons, it was chosen as the “Best South American Destination” by Expert's Choice Award.

Do you need more reasons to visit one of the most attractive cities in Latin America? Know the rest of the experiences that Buenos Aires offers!


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