Summer in Ushuaia: an ideal time to visit the end of the world
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Ushuaia is a destination to visit throughout the year, but in summer season this city has a special charm. It is situated in Tierra del Fuego province, on the shores of the Beagle Channel, surrounded by Martial mountain range, and it also has the closest port to Antarctica.
Why visit Ushuaia in summer? In the months that goes from December to March, the temperatures are lovely and can reach 20 degrees Celsius and have a medium average of almost 10 degrees Celsius. Sunrise is very early in the morning and it gets dark after 10 pm. This characteristic is essential for those who visit Ushuaia because they may have long days with sunlight to enjoy all type of excursions. However, wear enough warming clothes and dress in different “layers” (as an onion) because it gets cold, do not forget you are at the end of the world! We invite you to check out our latest post of what to wear in Patagonia in our blog.
This destination, which is located in the southernmost point in the world, has a beauty in its landscapes that makes tourist fall in love and offers activities for everyone. Get to know in this article the 4 outstanding excursions to do in Ushuaia during summer time.
HOP ON TO THE END OF THE WORLD TRAIN: One of the most amazing postcards of Ushuaia is the End of the World Train. If you visit this city, you cannot miss taking this trip onboard the Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino, which will take you to the Tierra del Fuego National Park. A trip back in time to re-experience the same route that prisoners did 100 years ago. An experience aboard an antique steam locomotive, history, and spectacular landscapes around the Pipo River, Macarena waterfall, tree cemetery, among others. You can combine this tour and continue in the National Park!

NAVIGATE THE BEAGLE CHANNEL WATERS TO THE “LES ECLAIREURS LIGHTHOUSE”: This navigation is a classic that you must do in Ushuaia. The departure will be from Ushuaia's pier and, as sailing away, you will appreciate one of the most outstanding panoramic views of Ushuaia city, the Olivia and Cinco Hermanos mountains. Get your camera! You will visit Los Lobos island and here you will see the sea lions in their natural habitat, a unique postcard. Then, you will approach to another island, Los Pájaros, and you will see different types of birds, Magellanic and Imperial cormorants. That is not all, you still need to get to “Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse”, one of the most incredible views of Ushuaia. A tip for the way back: have your camera ready as you will have a strategic point to observe a unique postcard of the city, boats, and Mount Martial.

GET TO KNOW TIERRA DEL FUEGO NATIONAL PARK AND ENJOY A CANNOEING EXPERIENCE: Can you imagine yourself paddling in the middle of lakes, rivers, and mountains? Ushuaia offers the possibility of immersing in this adventure. Discover Tierra del Fuego National Park corners, live an exceptional canoe experience surrounded by a unique natural environment, and enjoy a trekking in the middle of the Fuegian forest. Get to know Lapataia Bay, the Beagle Channel, and all kinds of flora and fauna of the area. Breathe the fresh and pure air combined with exercise in the southernmost point of the world! A great alternative to know this destination in summer.

DISCOVER USHUAIA HORSEBACK RIDING: This excursion will allow you to combine nature, adventure, history, and culture. You will have the opportunity to ride a horse at the end of the world! Are you going to miss it? Go through the old road used by Ushuaia prisoners, enter the Fuegian forest, and ascend Mount Susana. You will be shocked when seeing the amazing panoramic view of the Navarino and Hoste islands, Ushuaia city, and the mountain range. Horseback riding around magnificent landscapes, a journey through Ushuaia\'s history, appreciating the shores of the Beagle Channel and Pipo River, and learning about the natives of the region: the Yámanas.

Ushuaia is undoubtedly a destination to visit more than once because it offers many activities to do throughout the year. It has amazing landscapes: lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, forests, which are difficult scenarios to overcome. Do not miss the opportunity to visit a destination that perfectly adapts adventure, culture, history, luxury, gastronomy, nature. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about Ushuaia, an experience to do at the end of the world.

Did you know…
The flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia has a duration of 3:30 hours
On June 21st, Ushuaia celebrates the longest night in the world, a true festivity.
Ushuaia stands out for three gastronomic plates: king crab (centolla in Spanish), sea bass (merluza negra in Spanish), and slow-cooked fuegian lamb (cordero in Spanish). You cannot leave Ushuaia without having tried these unique culinary dishes!


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