Mendoza: Harvest season begins
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When is best time to visit Mendoza, one of the leading wine producing regions of South America?

The answer is during the harvest season. From February to April, the grape collection process becomes the best scenery for those wine lovers seeking for high-end travel experiences.

With more than 1.200 wine producers in the province, the countryside offers the travellers the opportunity to enjoy the variety of wine related activities during these intense three months, when the vineyards are at their upmost.

From riding a bike through the vineyard, join in a hands-on harvesting, learning the agriculture of wine, to tasting the varietals and relax with wine therapy spa, there are many experiences to indulge yourself at the Land of the Wine and Sun.

Also during the first week of March, Mendoza visitors can participate in the festival that celebrates the wine industry, called “Fiesta de la Vendimia”, which is a traditional ceremony to honour the efforts of the wine makers and the transformation of the grape into wine.

National Geographic considered the “Festival de la Vendimia”, the second-largest harvest festival of the world, behind Thanksgiving. This event is a unique spectacle in the world, combining music and dance, with more that a hundred people on stage, each year recreates a renewed story about the harvest, the land and their people. Travellers and wine enthusiastic from all around the world are dazzled every year with the magnificence of the stage, costumes, music, fireworks and the choice of the queen of the Harvest.


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