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During the winter season, from June to September, is when the cold arrives in the southern hemisphere. This is especially true in Ushuaia, capital of Tierra del Fuego province, where the temperature reaches minus 10 degrees Celsius. This time of the year is expected by locals and tourists because it sets the beginning of the snow season, ski season, and other winter activities. Also, because you can discover and appreciate wonderful snowy landscapes.

Did you know that Ushuaia is located on the Beagle Channel shores and has the closest port to the Antarctic continent? There are many reasons to visit Ushuaia throughout the year. However, today we highlight a privileged selection of the must-do excursions to do in Ushuaia during the winter season.

SKIING AT CERRO CASTOR: Located 26 kilometers from the city, it is the southernmost ski center in the world. Situated on the southern slope, Cerro Castor has a strategic position and not only has the best quality of snow but also ideal temperatures that goes between minus 5 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees average. It was chosen as the best ski center in Argentina according to the “World Ski Awards”. It offers 28 ski slopes for different ski levels, 10 lifts, 7 gastronomic restaurants in the mountain, and an artificial snowmaker network that allows to have snow to the base during the whole season. In addition, it has backcountry skiing areas for snow lovers and a snow park with jumps and rails. A complete ski center at the end of the world that is worth knowing.

WALKING THROUGH A WHITE FOREST IN SNOW SHOES: Fresh air, trees covered in white flakes, and nature in its pure state. The snowshoe walk will allow you to reach unique trails in a winter lenga tree forest and appreciate places that otherwise would be totally inaccessible. Where? In Tierra Mayor Valley, an excellent place to explore the magical landscapes of Ushuaia. An ideal alternative to exercise, enjoy the fresh air and silence, oxygenate the lungs, and fully connect with nature. Encourage a white adventure on snowshoes!

SLEDDING EXPERIENCE WITH HUSKY DOGS: Can you imagine crossing a frozen river in a sled carried by trained dogs at the end of the world? Ushuaia is a destination that offers an unbeatable variety of excursions to enjoy during winter, and this dog sledding ride is one of the most outstanding ones. It is one of those unique experiences to live once in a lifetime! Get to know the snowy valleys, enjoy the extraordinary white landscape in Tierra Mayor Valley, carried by the incredible force of a group of around 10 Nordic dogs (such as Siberian Husky, Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute), that love the snow, cold, and go sledding. You will feel like in a movie scene come true!

It is not all: besides offering all kind of outdoor activities, unique landscapes, mountains, lakes, rivers, marine fauna, forests and glaciers, Ushuaia also please the palate. At the end of the world, you can taste unique and delicious plates. The great culinary dishes in Ushuaia are: king crab (centolla in Spanish), sea bass (merluza negra in Spanish), and slow-cooked fuegian lamb (cordero in Spanish). You cannot leave Ushuaia without having tried these dishes!

In conclusion, Ushuaia offers a perfect combo of adventure, nature, gastronomy and relax, difficult to overcome for a winter proposal. Despite being a destination throughout the year, the winter season offers the incentive to enjoy a truly unique alternative. The end of the world is waiting for you, dare to live an unforgettable adventure!


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