Karaoke Tango Day
en Argentina

From bandoneonists and violinists to drummers, guitarists, dancers and singers. Musicians of different styles, professionals and amateurs. People of all ages. All of them, hundreds,will join today to perform the famous song, for a curious event: the Karaoke Tango Day.


What is the initiative about? It is a video that invites everyone to enjoy tango and use karaoke to sing the song. Anyone can join today's event: you just need to upload a video on social networks singing any part of the song and using the hashtag #KaraokeTangoDay.

The proposal is to share the Tango, which is Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from Argentina with the world, filling social networks with one of our biggest icons! Under the idea that tango is Argentine but it is also worldwide, it is intended that everyone share their version of the song making it an international meeting.

Tango is a musical genre that is alive, signed by diversity, the different styles and enriched by the innovation that each generations adds to this classic of Argentine music. Let\'s share with the world our tango passion, join the #KaraokeTangoDay.


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