Ezeiza International Airport: billionaire expansion work.
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The Argentinian government announced a plan to modernize and transform the international airport of Ezeiza: with an investment of $ 15 billion, the works aims to expand the operational capacity of the terminal. By adding new positions for more aircraft and increasing the services for the 10 million passengers that annually pass through Ezeiza, Argentina look forward to attract new airlines to open new routes to our country.

The works will increase 4 times the current size of Ezeiza Airport, going from the 58,400 m2 it has today to have 217,230 m2 of surface.
The plan foresees the construction of a new building for departures to unify all the operations in a single place that will centralize the check in, the migratory controls and security. It will have two floors and self-check in as modern terminals around the world. In addition, a new arrivals building with more infrastructure that will be also constructed. Both building will be a connecting on its upper floor, a large oval shaped hall where the commercial area and information sectors will be concentrated to the public.

The project, which is already being executed, is focus on improve the services and the current volume of operations. In order to accomplish this goal, the following expansions are planned:

The boarding gates will be double: from 27 current to 52.
The check-in counters and the self-check in machines will be quadruple.
Five new luggage belts.
The parking space will increase by 53%, from 342 to 1835.
There will be 4 times more aircraft positions.

Also new control tower with the latest air navigation technology is also being built and work has begun on restoring the main runway.

Modernization is the key to enhance the positioning of the destinations and improve the quality of the services for travellers.


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