Argentina: a new identity to recognize us!
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The redesign of the Country Brand aims to renew and refresh the Argentinian image to promote tourism and new investments, increasing the opportunities for Argentina to insert in the international scene with a non-restricted policy.

During 2017 and the beginning of 2018, Argentina has removed the reciprocity fees for Australia, Canada and United States citizens, lowering the cost to travel to our country.

Argentina is working intensely to attract more tourism by remodelling and investing in infrastructure, services and training to level the local industry to the international standards.

As part of that policy and the efforts of public and private sector, Buenos Aires, has position, for third year in a row as the #1 city in South America for Congress, Events and Incentive trips, generating a constant flow of business tourism. Competitive cost, first class hotels and professional services, has place our capital city on the top of the ICCA Ranking.


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