Sustainable Policies
At Furlong Incoming we believe that environmental issues are already part of everyone's "must do" and for this reason we think and project on these foundations.
From our place and based on our values and compliance of current legislation, we seek to promote destination sustainable tourism activities in order to minimize negative impact and enhance those positive impacts on the environment and receiving communities.
Along these lines, we seek to generate greater sources of work, strengthen local identity through the tradition and customs of communities and promote respect for the environment, among other aspects.
In order to carry out this Sustainability Policy we count on the support of our suppliers who can contribute in the process and are willing to constantly improve their management for the environment and society benefit.
Our commitment to the Sustainability Policy is reflected in each of the areas of our work as detailed below.

The Sustainability Policy goes along with the company's daily work, as well as to our internal management, product management with our suppliers and relationships with our customers in order to contribute to tourism sustainability. Thus, some of the objectives we set out to achieve are:

  • Offer Argentina as a sustainable tourist destination through responsible marketing practices that ensure the economic sustainability of the business and promoting Furlong Incoming as a company committed to sustainable development goals.

  • Identify and highlight sustainable aspects within the corresponding process model for each department within the company.

  • Comply with and enforce national and international laws on labour, tourism, environmental protection and social respect.

  • Safeguard people (customers, passengers, company personnel and suppliers) with relevant security practices and contingency plans.

  • Protect the environment through internal policies such as waste separation, energy efficiency and water consumption; and externals such as delivering biodegradable bags to our passengers so they can dump their waste.

  • Support local economy, traditions and culture of those cities where we work especially where we are in contact with local communities.

  • Reject business related to activities such as illegal trafficking, illicit substance use, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation of children or adolescents and/or terrorism.

  • Involve the clientele in the practices and commitments defined above, as required or applicable within the contracted itinerary.

Our suppliers are a key part of this business Sustainability Policy implementation process. When selecting suppliers, we consider those who have responsible and ethical practices within their management.
We prefer, whenever possible, the recruitment of local suppliers through whom we encourage and facilitate participation in training initiatives that improve the sustainability of their management.
From Furlong Incoming, we do not offer or support products or services that are related to natural, social or cultural resource damage, animal abuse and especially any type of abuse or child abuse.
These topics are included within the sustainability clause in the Supplier Requirements document that is sent to all our suppliers every year.

From Furlong Incoming, we support the sustainable development of destinations and host communities by promoting activities in natural areas and in contact with the community. We encourage visitors, and ourselves in our purchases, to acquire local products and crafts that generate a direct benefit to the community. We also support projects that stimulate education and training to enhance local cultures and sustainable development within them. We prefer local guides, with experience and knowledge in the area, and support their training in search of continuous improvement.

From the first contact, we inform our customers about the Business Sustainability Policy and those recommendations we provide its passengers, promoting respect with the natural and social environment which is visited. From the sales team we inform and motivate them about the least polluting means of transport, both on transfers to destination and within the same destination; as well as the most sustainable excursions and accommodation modes according to the needs of each client.
At the same time, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of our customers' data and engage them within our environmental conservation and social development projects.

We inform staff, suppliers and customers about our commitment to sustainability and what our Sustainability Policy is, as we believe, that responsible and sustainable tourism is vital for the development of the activity and is achieved with the support of all the actors involved.
We have an Action Plan for the Sustainability Policy that sets out the goals, actions, responsibilities and deadlines within which to move forward. Through Travelife's online system we monitor and evaluate the implementation of this policy, its objectives and goals. The standards of this Sustainability Policy will be reviewed annually with the aim of establishing corrective actions as a result of changes in legal regulations and technological advances, among other issues.
Our commitment to the environment and social development generates greater benefits for the receiving communities and offers unique experiences for our customers. Therefore, we are committed as a company to continuously improve and communicate our changes to the entire organization, our suppliers and customers.

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